9 Popular Dishes Of India

by JCD Team

Every Region of India has different cuisine and different taste. Indian dishes hs many varieties and flavors included- sweet, spicy, sour, tangy, and so on. The varieties of Indian dishes are countless. But today I will discuss 9 popular mouth uttering Indian Dishes which are so tasty and delicious. If you are a foody person then definitely you should try out these dishes.

1. Biryani:

The Biryani was brought by Mughals in India.One of the popular famous dishes in India. It is a mixture of saffron, rice, spice, Veg or chicken or mutton all together. The taste is very delicious. Every one of us likes Biryani. The famous Biryani in India you can get in Hyderabad, Lucknow, Uttarpradesh.

2. Butter Chicken:

Butter  Chicken origin from Punjab. One of the popular dishes everyone can make. It is creamy, Gravy little spicy in taste. But everyone has a different way of cooking this dish. Butter chicken very tastes with roti. It is one of my favorite dishes.

3. Dosa:

Dosa is a popular food of South India but now it has taken the place all over India. It is a batter or mixture of Rice which is served with chutney and smashed potato and sambar which is very good in taste. Though there are many types of Dosa are there like Plain Dosa, Onion Dosa, sala Dosa, Pizza Dosa Etc.

4. Samosa:

It is one of the popular Con-shaped snacks, which makes it popular Indian Food. It is a kind of street food, but you can make it to your home which most of us do. The stuffing is made up of potatoes, lentils, onion, peas, or sometimes with noodles or Chicken however you like.

5. Dal Makhni:

Dal makhani is a popular dish of Punjab and for Northern Indians, Its taste has traveled till South India as well. This dish is made up of black lentils and beans and for decoration, you can use curd or cream. It is a very tasty dish goes with Roti or Rice both.

6. Chaat:

It is one of the popular Indian street food as it is served roadsides and in food stalls every corner of the country. Chaats include papads, boiled potato, onion, green chili, mint chutney, red chili, yogurt altogether. This mixture served with Bheel puri, Dal puri, Samosa chat, and many more.

7.  Dhokla:

Dhokla is a famous dish of Gujrat. It is a vegetarian dish made up of rice batter or fresh and choked Channa Dal and Served with mustard seeds or yogurt. It can be eaten in breakfast, Dinner, or as snacks or as a main course or side dish, however, a person likes.

8. Palak Paneer:

It is a popular north Indian dish combination of fresh pure of spinach and creamy gravy with a mixture of Paneer. It is one of the popular, authentic Indian dishes which everyone likes. It served with basmati rice or roti.

9. Aloo Gobi:

It is one of the popular Indian vegetarian dishes which is a mixture of Potato and cauliflower with onions, tomato, coriander, and spices. It is yellow in color because of the use of turmeric and sometimes with kalonji and curry leaves. Tomato is optional you can skip if you don’t like it. Before serving add some Garam masala which makes it more delicious.


Though there are many Indian dishes available as for today, I have discussed 9 popular foods of India. If anyone does not know how to cook and what are the popular dishes in Indian, They can get the details from here.

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